Larry Lynch Larry Lynch has won numerous awards for his photography. He has been published locally in "Florida Wildlife", as well as internationally by Serbin Communications in "Best of Photography Annual" which is used by students of art in over 70 countries. He has also won several local competitions as well.

Larry has always had an appreciation for the outdoors. Fortunately, his family planned their annual vacations visiting different national parks, enjoying various activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping. His parents recorded these trips by camera, and later, video recorder. As a youngster he enjoyed taking snapshots also. Through the years, his love for both the outdoors and photography has grown. Being born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, he had a chance to enjoy great diversity in landscape and wildlife. He believes our wilderness areas should be considered one of our nation's greatest treasures. Hopefully, through continued awareness, these pristine areas will be preserved, thus providing animal habitat and preservation of natural species for generations to come.

About five years ago, he became more serious about his photography. He took various classes at the St. Petersburg Art Center and he studied many "how-to" books by famed photographers such as John Shaw, David Muench, and Arthur Morris. Larry hopes that his photography may open up a new full-time career field, as well as help public awareness for our natural resources.